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We solve digital challenges.

As a dynamic team, we specialize in Application development, Web development, UI/UX design, Event management, Artist management, marketing, graphic services, and almost everything related to them.

Our goal is to achieve business success for ourselves and all our partners. With two decades of experience, a youthful internationally driven team, and various SaaS solutions, we are consistently able to achieve results.

Goal-oriented and Creative.

Our approach is focused on results. At all costs, we derive energy from delivering the best possible. Regardless of obstacles or tasks, we consistently achieve new results, and we are very proud of that.

Expertise and Collaboration.

Our strength lies in our experiences. With over 20 years of experience in the events, ICT, and marketing sectors, we collaborate to achieve the best results. So we all resonate with IA. And share one sound.

Rebellious spirit.

Our motto is ‘Expect the unexpected! And with reason, because we embrace innovation, even if it means stepping outside our comfort zones. We enjoy a challenge and gladly move forward with results.

Our services.

We love what we do.

At IA Group, we have positioned ourselves as a versatile one-stop shop. In collaboration with partners, we build the future and sustain our success. Our extensive experience in specialized services, such as our expertise in event management, ICT, marketing, and design, has led us to where we are now and inspired us to continue growing. We always aim for the best results, whether it’s developing attractive websites, apps, or successfully marketing, designing, and organizing events – our team strives for excellence.

Your One-Stop-Company for success stories.

We don’t just want to brainstorm with you, we ensure it works! We believe in a high level of collaboration with our partners and enjoy building business relationships based on trust, driven by our shared passion for achieving results.
With the use of appropriate applications, UX-optimized web design, groundbreaking branding, perfectly positioned events, and data-driven marketing, we have everything in place to achieve results.

Web Development

Websites must work!
With data-driven design, SEO, a conversion-focused approach, and extensive experience, we create unique, timeless websites that succeed.

Application development

Everything can be made easier. With our years of experience in application development, we create user-friendly applications for both internal and external use.

UI/UX Designing

As designers, we consider experience to be crucial. Our UX/UI is approached as a design philosophy.
Focused on Intuitive.  User Experience. So that beauty can also succeed. 

Digital Marketing Services

For us, marketing is like coding. Everything is about the data. At the same time, we have true creatives who ensure originality and results in everything they do.

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Experience in business innovation.


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This is who we are. This is IA.

Collaboration is our key.

You achieve more together, not alone. It takes effort, and we are well aware of that. That is why our teams have chosen to join forces in our partner program.

Success is a story of collaboration and we have noticed that our expertise is only truly valuable if we can count on each other. We believe in close cooperation and strive to achieve unexpected successes together. We like to share a passion.

Success stories

Our work moves companies forward.

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Discover the IA Learning experience

For us, it’s all about growth. We have been working with schools since 2020 to help the next generation of IA professionals grow. Our system is simple but robust: Students learn while participating in real inrewr projects. It’s like an exciting adventure where you learn new things while doing real work.

We understand that top performers in our profession require all kinds of skills. But no one becomes an expert overnight. That’s why we came up with a smart system. You share tasks with other students and alternate between them. This way you learn a little bit of everything and you always have enough challenge. The great thing is that you can also share your knowledge with others. When you’re done, help the next person with your tasks. Collaboration is super important to us and this is how we grow together.

This system applies to the IT, marketing and design departments. With us you are free to discover where you fit best. We want you to enjoy what you do. That is why you can participate in the internal business operations of our sectors. For us, an internship is not just about doing business. Together we are on a special journey and we want to come up with smart solutions that make a difference.

The variety of tasks helps students to learn all kinds of things and allows us to train the next generation of IA. It prepares you for a great career in our industry. Together we ensure that you can grow and flourish. That is what makes IA Learning special.

Career opportunities:

View our learning paths

As an organization with various SAAS solutions, diverse work processes and industries, we have created the perfect environment for independent skills-based learning, with the authentic IA Rebel spirit. With us, learning is flexible, which means you are in control. Choose what you want to learn and how you want to use those skills. We are ready to guide you to success in your chosen field and help you achieve efficient results by gaining insight into our internal business operations.

We are constantly looking for new talent to strengthen our team. So don’t hesitate to send us your open application. We look forward to hearing from you and discovering together how we can grow and prosper.

vacancy designer

We are looking for a creative person with an eye for detail and a passion for visual expression.

Fullstack Software Developer Intern

Looking for an internship as a software developer with an informal atmosphere, motivation and growth opportunities.

5000+ Customer reviews